Traditional, stone-fired pizza in a modern setting

Our Story

Our story starts with a passion for good pizza. With more than a decade of experience in the food industry, we knew it was time to bring a new pizza experience at the right price to the Vancouver food scene. The first location of Ignite Pizzeria opened its doors and fired up its first oven on Main Street in the summer of 2017, serving a traditional, stone-fired pizza in a modern setting. In Latin, the word “ignite” means ‘to start a fire’. Just as our oven ignites every day, we are animated by a burning desire to indulge people in good food in a down-to-earth, yet refined, atmosphere.


We are always looking to improve. Our Mount Pleasant location is wheelchair accessible. Our Gastown location is not, however we can meet you outside. We know accessibility is about more than wheelchair access. If you have feedback about how we can improve our spaces, please write to info@ignitepizzeria.com


Everyone is welcome here.
We are committed to making sure our guests and staff can feel a sense of belonging in any of our restaurants.


We like to keep things easy.
Our goal in every space is to create a casual and relaxing experience in a design-forward environment.


If you are interested to collaborate with us for a fundraiser, community event, or other partnership, drop us line and we'll see if our goals align. Please write to info@ignitepizzeria.com

Pizza and
all you need in life.

How we bring it


We bring everything to you.


Hot pizza to go when you need it


Casual dining with no reservations.


We deliver for groups, meetings, and events.



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