June 14, 2024


We thought this might be a good time to share a little more about our award-winning formula (our gluten-friendly dough was recently voted in the top 3 from the Georgia Straight’s 2024 Golden Plate Awards!). For those who follow a gluten-friendly diet, it’s time to rejoice. You can now share a pizza with a friend who isn’t gluten-free, and dare them to taste the difference! 

Your taste buds will open up with a wonderful chewy yet light textured dough, rich in flavour, low in salt, with a long fermentation process to help it rise.

Each week, our small-batch gluten-friendly pizza dough is prepared in-house, and is therefore only available in limited quantities. Our recipe primarily uses buckwheat, corn, and rice flours, and due the consistency of it, we are only able to stretch this to our 12″ Medium size pizzas.  


When it’s time to make a new batch of dough, first the entire preparation area is completely cleaned and sanitized. While the space for preparing this dough does share the same oven as our regular pizza dough, each one is pre-baked on a parchment paper to separate it from the main surface of the oven, then frozen. 
When your order is placed, we again sanitize the area, add your toppings to the pre-baked dough, and bake the pizza once more, again with parchment paper beneath it to separate it from the surface. 
We wholeheartedly love our gluten-friendly dough and we know you will too!
While the production does share the same kitchen area as our regular dough, and therefore it is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, we want you to know that we take every precaution and care to prevent cross-contamination. 
Some of our menu items contain ingredients which we aren’t able to adjust to be gluten-friendly. If you’re unsure, please just ask our staff.
Stay tuned – we’ll be adding some gluten-free beer to our menu very soon!


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